Get Outside And Play

If you have a group of kids at your house, you will inevitably want them to “go outside”. That’s right, turn off the Nintendo, and go outside and play! They’ll be happy if you know some easy group games that they can play.

Outdoor group games work best when you mix children of different ages. An older child can organize the game, act as the rulemaker, and make sure the little ones are included.

You may remember these games from your childhood, but be a bit fuzzy on the rules of play. Refresh your memory, and share these timeless childhood outdoor games with your child:

  • Capture the flag
  • Four Square
  • Tag
  • Horse
  • Kick the Can

The whole idea is to get outside with your family and the neighborhood kids, breathe some fresh air, and teach your children the healthy lifestyle that will carry them into their adult years.


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4 Responses to “Get Outside And Play”

  1. Jarrod Says:

    Great ideas. With the number of obese kids today, everyone should get their kids outside for an hour a day. Winter weather should not stop them, either.

  2. Tim Says:

    No kidding. Kids are getting pretty fat nowadays

  3. Jim Says:

    Heck, kids nothin…I’m gettin pretty fat these days!

  4. humanrubberband Says:

    One of my favorite family outdoor games is the Human Rubberband. I first played it in Utah.Way Fun!! Kids really enjoy it. It is quite a workout too. Way funny to watch also. It requires a open clear space is all. you can watch a demo video of how it works at

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