The Human Rubberband!

I enjoy encouraging families to play outdoor games at every opportunity. Sometimes I forget that parents can spend time with their older children and let the youngest watch.

The Human Rubberband is one of those 13 and older games that is great outdoors, but shouldn’t be played by small children. The rules are fairly simple: All four players step inside the Human Rubberband™ and pull it up to their waists.

Each player slowly moves back until the band is slightly stretched and a square is formed, with one player in each corner. Players should be facing the center of the square.

Always start slowly and continue at a careful pace. Two players standing across from each other should begin. This pair jogs to the opposite side of the square, crossing in the center and passing each other on the right side. When nearing the opposite side, each player turns his/her back towards the Human Rubberband™ and backs into it. Meanwhile, the second pair of players holds the Human Rubberband ™ tight with their bodies.

The second pair of players will feel the pressure of the Human Rubberband™ increase when the first pair backs into the band. At this point the second pair of players is gently propelled forward and then jogs to the right of each other to the opposite side, in a similar fashion as the first pair. This pattern of jogging back and forth continues until someone says stop or the rhythm is lost. Be careful. And have fun!

Pay close attention to this warning, it is copied directly from their site:

Warning: Do not misuse this product. Excessive speed and force while using this product can lead to serious injury or death. Always start out slow and continue at a careful pace. This product is not intended for young children. Use only on soft surfaces, in a large, unobstructed area. Do not use on wet or slippery surfaces. Do not use while wearing jewelry, watches, belt buckles, or any other potentially harmful item. This product is not intended for use as a sling shot. Individuals using the Human Rubberband™ should weigh about the same amount. Make sure all participants know their right side from their left. Do not use this product if it has any holes, tears, or defects.

That’s no joking folks, but if you play it right and responsibly, you can have hours of fun with other adults or your teenage children.


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