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Hillbilly Golf And You

December 14, 2008

Here is one for the family if I have ever played one.  Hillbilly golf.  Each team consists of 2 players on opposite sides of the field.  Each player gets three sets of bolas.  You twirl them top to bottom and toss them at a three tiered goal across the field.  The scoring is 1 for the top, 2 for the middle, and 3 for the bottom.  A lot of people have variations of their own.

I have one at home.  I have a couple of young girls that I have keep score while we play.  It is good fo basic addition skills in younger children.  They do not even realize that they are learning their math, they just want to throw the bolas.

I found out that this game goes by several names, too.  Blongoball, hillbilly golf, ladder golf, and about anything else you can imagine.

Click here to go to a site the sells the game.

Have fun gaming.  I would love to hear from anyone who know of a good family game.  I’ll check it out and add something about it if it is of interest.